Wifi Setup PIXMA MG3550 Wireless Connection Setup

Friday, July 1st 2016. | CANON, Setup

Canon PIXMA MG3550

Setup Wireless for MG3550 Series

Wifi Setup PIXMA MG3550 Wireless Connection SetupPage Printerdriverseries provides for those of you who need how do I setup the easy wireless connection to the PIXMA MG3550 Printer series or do a reset printer to factory settings. In the matter of Your possible for checks for multiple access point (hub/router), and the feature keys are automatically labeled connection Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Even you as well without having to enter a password in the password security that ensures easy, fast and in the method of connecting the device compotible.

The problem of the router does not support WPS, we get that information from service products have been available as accurate instructions to get the solution please select a tab (the standard connection method). The following are the steps to perform the process of resolution of your problem.

WPS connection Method

We recommend that when you follow these steps, make sure to check for some condition-ready to use the WPS button method.

  • Make sure that the access point has a button “push WPS physical”
  • Please check your device user guide Canon PIXMA MG Series
  • When a problem occurs push-button WPS is not available, this ensures you to follow the instructions on the standard connection method tab
  • Make sure that the network to use the “Wi-Fi Protected Access” or “WPA2 security protocols”

Step 1

Please turn on your printer
Make sure you hit the Picture_PIXMA button, hold the Wireless Wifi connection or button found on the top of the printer, until the alarm lamp flashes flame once.

Step 2

  1. The lights on the buttons start to flash blue
  2. Please go to (the access point), and then press the button “WPS” (this will take approximately 2 minutes) or please return to start the WPS on the access point, see the user guide
  3. Then Light the Wi-Fi function (blue flame) when searching for, then
  4. The Wi-Fi light flashes when connected to an access point

If this problem has been successfully connecting to the wireless network, the Wi-Fi light will stop flashing, keep it turned on.

Confirm network settings

If you have successfully connected to the wireless network, do confirm for the perfect setup, please print the Printer network settings test.

  1. Make sure that the printer is turned on
  2. Please load the sheet size A4/letter-size (plain paper)
  3. Press, then hold down the “Resume/Cancel” buttons until the alarm lamp lights will Flash, then around 15 times, then release the

Network Information to be Printed

Be sure to check out (connections) shows (active), sure that SSID-Service Set Identifier (the name of your wireless network) to indicate the name of your wireless network.

WPS Setup Concludes the Procedure

Then please go and continue the install software for PIXMA MG3550 Printer

Page printerdriverseries give as manual download page/software. By selecting your product from Canon PIXMA MG series various pages available service products.

If the problem still has not been completed or failed for wireless configuration WPS after following the guide that we provide, we recommend you to visit the site trusted or the product as more help.


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