Starting MG5500 series Wireless Connection Setup

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MG5500 series
Wireless Connection

How to Starting MG5500 series Wireless Connection Setup

Starting MG5500 series Wireless Connection Setup

Starting MG5500 series Wireless Connection Setup

Reviews how to starting a wireless connection setup, before you start your wireless connection Setup early to check out the following steps:

1. make sure that the printer is turned on
If the power lamp will light up white power


  • Make sure that the device or a smartphone, and access point/wireless router is connected, the details of how to check the settings, refer to the manual that came with the router
  • The configuration of router functions, procedures, setup and security settings network devices vary depending on the area of your system. For details, see the manual of Your network devices
  • Please check your device supports IEEE 802 .11n (2.4 GHz), IEEE 802.11 g/IEEE 802 .11b

If your device is set to a mode [IEEE 802 .11n], WEP/TKIP is used as security protocol. Changing security protocols for your device to something other than WEP and TKIP or change the settings to something other than [IEEE 802 .11n Only].

Office use, contact your network administrator

Take care when connecting to the network is added that is not protected with security measures, since there is a risk of revealing data such as your personal information to other parties.

2. Press the [HOME] Printer

3. use the up or down button, to display the WLAN icon

4. Press the left function key

5. Select Wireless LAN setup, then press the [OK] (Wi-Fi (blue) lights on when the wireless connection is enabled)

6. the Printer will automatically search for a compatible access point (select the method that suits your printer is displayed on the screen), and the jikaPush method of the Button on the printer screen is displayed

When you are not sure if Your router or access point supports this technology, press the Stop button. If other screens appear, refer to “Troubleshooting.” Setup the network connection has been completed.

Software & Drivers Download

PIXMA MG5500 Download Drivers

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