Setup Wireless Connection MX475 PIXMA & Driver Download

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How to Setup Wireless Connection MX475 PIXMA & Driver Download

Setup Wireless Connection MX475 PIXMA & Driver Download

PIXMA MX475 Wireless Connection Setup

PIXMA MX475 device functions All-in-One Printers, Scanners, Photocopying and Faxs with wireless connectivity. Automatic document feeder to print, copy, scan, fax & easy with using Wi-Fi all-in-one that is affordable and you can also share the functions between multiple PCs and devices with mobile kompotible and enjoy cost effective, optional XL ink cartridge. Compact design in Office or home desk business performance with ease and print speed A4 documents about 9.7 ipm mono 5.5 ipm (colour). And multipage document processing speed up to 35 sheets of the Document Feeder automatically. Also enjoy the App even PIXMA printing solutions, Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print are supported, such as Smartphones and Tablets you can download Canon PIXMA Printing Solutions app can also offer the flexibility to print and scan through Wi-Fi networks, Apple’s AirPrint support printing directly from your Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Benefit Setup Wireless Connection

WPS Connection Method
Standard Connection Method
PIXMA MX475 Restoring network settings (Back to Default Settings)

This we help you hints about how to setup a wireless connection printer PIXMA MX475 can even offers for how to reset the printer to factory settings. Chances are we carry it as a user You are able to do with some (access points) and also features a button labelled connection automatically [WPS]. The information we got from your trusted product allows devices allowed PIXMA MX475 so that you can connect to the network with no need to enter the password security, quick and easy method of connecting devices.

WPS Connection Method

Before we start to do a WPS Connection Method, you must also first to be able to check on the conditions that must be met for the purpose of using the method of the button [WPS]. And must use a network of Wi-Fi Protected Access / WPA2 security protocol.

  • Make sure you check with the user guide
  • Features (access point) push-button WPS available
  • When the push button [WPS] is not available, then you can use the instructions in the standard connection method tab

Follow this prusudur step is how WPS Connection Method:

  1. Press the settings button on your printer
  2. Make sure you choose (Wireless LAN setup) then [OK]

Then the display on the printer has surely You must be as shown in the following

  1. Press and hold the button [WPS] on (access point), then
  2. Press [OK] on your printer is approximately 2.5 minutes

The Wi-Fi light will Flash, this possibility while looking for the access point, and if once connected, and the following screen will appear, please press [OK.

Should it be concluded WPS setup procedure, and you can now proceed with installing the software. PIXMA MX475 Wireless Inkjet Driver Download

Standard Connection Methodc

Here are the steps how to do Standard Connection Methodc

  1. Press the settings button on your printer is available
  2. Select Wireless LAN setup, then [OK], then the following steps
  3. Be sure to press the Stop wireless internet connection or Reset
  4. Display screen will be displayed, press [OK], then your printer will search for available wireless networks
  5. Make sure you update the name of your network connection
  6. If the display appears, by using the number keys on the machine, and enter the password for your wireless network security

PIXMA MX475 Restoring network settings (Back to Default Settings

In this case also you can follow the steps in Restoring PIXMA MX475 network settings, if you need to reset Your network settings back to the default factory settings, by following these instructions:

  1. Press the settings button on your printer
  2. Make sure the arrow keys to select the device settings tab, and then press [OK]
  3. Bring the arrow keys to select the Reset settings and then press [OK]
  4. Arrow key to select LAN settings and then press [OK]
  5. Select the arrow button to select [YES][OK]

Then the process screen will be displayed, so that the wireless network settings tutorial reviews has been reset back to factory settings. In the process about how to Setup a wireless connection, MX475 PIXMA error occurs when doing your performance after following the steps in this guide, and then you can contact our trust for further assistance. PIXMA MX475 Setup Help

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