Setup PIXMA MX715 Series Wireless Connection

Tuesday, February 3rd 2015. | Setup

How to PIXMA MX715 Wireless Connection

Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Setup PIXMA MX715 Series Wireless Connection

This helps you to WPS setup and procedures to make the most of Your PIXMA MX715 Wireless Connection. instructions on how to setup the wireless connection on the printer PIXMA MX715, and multiple access points (Router or HUB) features automatic button labeled connection Wi-Fi Protected Setup [WPS]. Allows permitted devices like the PIXMA MX715 series to connect to your network without having to enter a password and allow faster and easier method of connecting your device.

  • This method is the easiest way to connect the device to a printer PIXMA MX715, if the access point has the button [WPS] then you can select the tab “WPS connection method”
  • Your router does not support WPS are available alternative instructions to get your PIXMA MX715 is connected, please select the tab “default connection method”

WPS connection method

Starting MG5500 series Wireless Connection Setup

Some of the conditions that must be met to use the WPS button method

Should the access point must have a button [push WPS] physically available, first you can check with your device’s user guide for details. And if the [push WPS] is not available please use the instructions in the standard connection method tab, and also any network you need to use Wi-Fi Protected Access WPA2 security protocols or (mostly the WPS is enabled using this Protocol).

Step 1

1. Press [Menu] button on your printer

Step 2 

  1. Use the Wireless Connection Setup page step2-up and Wireless connections, Wireless connection step2 Setup Setup page step2 left, lower right, to navigate to the [Wireless LAN Setup] or [NETWORK Setup] icon and press [OK].
  2. Then to Wi-Fi (light blue) lights up when the wireless connection is enabled.
  3. The Printer will automatically search for an access point that supports the WPS feature.

Step 3

  1. Press and hold the button [WPS] at the point of access for about 3 seconds, then release.
  2. Press the [OK] on your printer in about 3 minutes. Then it indicates that the Wi-Fi (blue lights) on the printer while searching for or linking to an access point.
  3. When the screen below appears, then, please press [OK]

If WPS wireless configuration still fails after following this guide, please contact site PIXMA MX715 for further assistance.

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