Setup PIXMA MX435 Wireless Connection

Thursday, June 8th 2017. | CANON, Setup

Setup Wireless Connection

PIXMA MX435 Wireless WPS Connection

PIXMA MX435 Wireless ConnectionCanon PIXMA MX435 Wireless Connection Setup wireless connection to the Printer PIXMA MX435 provide easy access to such device to connect to the network without having to enter the password security. Easy-quick method of connecting devices, while the access points as a Router / Hub, features the button automatically labeled connection Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Follow these methods to connect the PIXMA MX435, and how e-reset printer to factory settings. Ensure for the router to support the WPS has provided instructions for getting the PIXMA MX435 is connected, or please click the link below on Canon Help to follow the standard connection method.

WPS Connection Method

Pages Printerdriverseries provide easy instructions for users of Canon PIXMA MX435 Printer easily connect wireless connection. We recommend that when doing the following step is the need to finish some important things that have to be met to use the WPS button method. Make sure the access point features push-button WPS available, and check the user guide of the device, if there is a push button WPS is not available, menyrankan you go to the instructions of the standard connection method. WPS enabled access using network protocols, and have to use Wi-Fi Protected Access / WPA2 security protocols.

1. Please press the button “settings” on the printer
2.¬†Make sure to use the arrow keys to select the “device settings”, press “OK”
3. Select the “LAN settings” press [OK] button
4. Please select “Wireless LAN setup”, press “OK” button

The display on the Printer will light up Wi-Fi, blue light turns on when wireless connection is enabled. This is the Printer automatically search for an access point that supports the WPS feature.

Next Step

Make sure that on the printer display message will read the [press the WPS] around 6 sec, please press “OK”

1. Please press, hold the button “WPS” at the point of access, the right for instructions on starting the access point WPS, go to user guide
2. Be sure to press “OK” button on the printer in about 2 minutes

On the Printer will be the Wi-Fi light flashing (blue) on the printer, while searching for/linking to the access point. If once connected, and the following screen will appear, please press the “OK button”.

After following the wireless configuration WPS to WPS on the Wireless MX435 troubleshooting Connection is still not successful, advising you that Your products reliable service visit Canon’s Help.

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