Setup PIXMA E460 series Printer Wireless Connection

Wednesday, November 9th 2016. | CANON, PIXMA MX, Setup

PIXMA E460 series

Wireless Connection

Setup PIXMA E460 series Printer Wireless ConnectionCanon PIXMA E460 Wireless Connection Setup is easy, and fast to enjoy a comfortable printing with wireless connection. gives you easy to resolve some connection issues or that you made the wireless settings of your printer. Canon PIXMA E460 wifi setup when performing a wireless connection setup to make sure that the printer is turned on (the power is on, the light will turn ON). Beikut is check / select the connection method.

Cableless setup

  1. Make sure the Wi-Fi hold the button until the alarm light will flash 2 times
  2. Please remove the Wi-Fi button after the second flash
  3. Wi-Fi lamp blinks rapidly, and then the lights ON lit
  4. Please Return to App screen, continue with setup

Cableless setup allows you to take some time, and the Internet connection is temporarily unavailable during the installation process.

Connection Using WPS

  1. Button on the access point is ready to be pressed
  2. Hold the Wi-Fi button, until the alarm light flashes once
  3. Remove the Wi-Fi button after the flash
  4. That the Wi-Fi lamp blinks rapidly, then lit the lamp ON
  5. Please press / hold button on the access point about 2 minutes
  6. Lights Wi-Fi / ON is lit

WPS PIN code method
Wireless connection / set up easily using the WPS PIN code method

  1. Please hold the [Stop], until the alarm lamp blinks about 15 times
  2. Remove the [Stop] after flash 15 times
    (Information connection wireless settings / PIN code will be printed)
  3. Hold down the [Stop] button until the alarm lights blinking about 15 times
  4. Release the [Stop] after flash 15 times
  5. Please follow the instructions on the screen on the device to set the WPS PIN CODE
  6. That the lights lit Wi-Fi printer

If this problem occurs alarm lamp lights up, please (Troubleshooting).

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