Setup Guide MG6600 series Connecting the Printer Wireless Connection

Sunday, January 18th 2015. | Setup

Connecting the Printer

Wireless Connection

MG6600 series Connecting the Printer Wireless Connection

About the wireless connection 

  • Before make sure that your device like a smartphone, and network access wireless router connected. For details on how to check the settings, refer to the manual supplied with the access point/contact the manufacturer.
  • The configuration of router functions, procedures, setup and network device security settings vary depending on Your system environment.
  • Make sure that you check whether your device supports IEEE 802 .11n (2.4 GHz) or IEEE 802 .11b/IEEE802.11g.

If your device is set to a mode [IEEE 802 .11n], WEP/TKIP is used as your security protocols. Changing security protocols for your device to something other than WEP and TKIP or change the settings to something other than [IEEE 802 .11n Only]. The relationship between the device and the access point is turned off while changing the settings. Do not operate this guide screen until setup finishes, and process for the use of the Office, personal, contact your network administrator, and cannot be used for a USB connection and network connections at the same time.

Parts of this page help you to how do I connect a network printer without using cables. It is easy for you to follow the following steps:

1. Make sure that the printer is switched on (power, power light will light up)

2. Press the [HOME] button on your printer

3. Select the screen left or right, and select WLAN

4. Select Wireless LAN setup (Wi-Fi Light flashes when the wireless connection is enabled)

5. Automatically searches for a compatible access point

Select the method that suits the screen displayed on your printer, if the Push Button method screen is displayed on the printer. When you are not sure if Your router or access point supports this technology, would tap to another connection method.

Connection via Standard setup

MG6600 series

1. Press the standard setup, then

2. Select the your access point

3. One screen will be displayed on your printer
If connected to an access point, it will appear on the printer, the network does not require a security password, and proceed to step 9, or continue with setup

4. Press the display

5. Enter the password for your network
The character entries are case-sensitive so be sure to confirm

6. Press [OK]

7. Make sure that the network password is correct you.
The character entries are case-sensitive.

8. Press [OK]

9. When the screen is displayed, press [OK]
If another screen appears, it is referring to the “Troubleshooting

The tutorial reviews how to Setup network connection has finished, if you more clearly and can be done with the details, please visit the Help MG6600 series

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