Setting Wireless Network HP Deskjet 3510 Series Printers (Windows)

Tuesday, November 3rd 2015. | Deskjet, HP, Setup
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HP Deskjet 3510 Printers

Setting Wireless Network

How to setting the wireless network settings the HP Deskjet 3510 series. This page gives you an easy to do about how to install the print drivers or software for the printer on your wireless network. Using an access point as a wireless configuration instructions specific to wireless networks and HP recommends the type of network infrastructure to connect wirelessly to a printer, Ad hoc connections are not supported.

Setting Up a Wireless Network (Windows)


  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista

Make sure you have completed the hardware setup, and printer before installing the software/set up the printer on a wireless network. You need the steps to set up the hardware.

Step 1


Internet access is not required for the process of installing a printer with a wireless connection, you only need Internet access to use Web services, update the printer and download drivers

  1. Preparation the following items before you install the printer on a wireless network:
  • Network Name (SSID)
  • The WEP Key/WPA
  • Make sure that the computer is connected to a wireless network
  • HP recommends broadband Internet access such as DSL/cable (internet access)

A wireless-capable printer

  1. Turn on the computer, router or your printer, and your computer is connected to a wireless network
  2. then, disconnect any USB cable/Ethernet connected
  3. Optional: install the software for the USB connection and now want to change the wireless network connection, the following instructions to remove the USB installation process.
  1. Click Start, click all programs, click HP, click the folder for your printer, and then click your printer icon, and open the printer software.
  2. Click Printer Setup & Software of your choice
  3. Click Convert a USB printer connected to the wireless/connect a new printer
  4. Follow the screen instructions to process set up a printer on a wireless network

If you are after the printer is set up on a wireless network, continue with the steps in this page.

Step 2

Download & Install Printer Software

Follow these steps to install the printer on a wireless network printer software install & download. For the process of installing the software on each computer that uses the printer wirelessly to the same network. Using the installation CD.

  1. Make sure the printer is in the active state
  2. When the printer is connected to Your computer with the USB cable, then disconnect the cable from the printer
  3. Go to HP or customer support we provide easy HP Deskjet 3510 Printer Software & Download
  4. When prompted (a method to identify the model of the printer, and then follow the on-screen instructions to go to the download page
  5. Click Download besides features complete drivers suggested, or click Basic drivers for other driver options
  6. Follow the HP Download and install Assistant for guided driver download and installation, or Download only option to manually open and run the driver file through the Internet browser download tool.

Step 3

the printer is connected to a wireless network

Depending on the option that displays on your printer or select from the following: wireless configuration options

Option 1

HP Wireless Auto Connect, then the screen displays

Connect automatically gathers information of the current network of computers, and apply to a printer through a wireless connection to connect the printer to the same network.

– HP Wireless Auto Connect requires some time for up to a few minutes after the initial printer setup.

– Follow these steps to set up the wireless connection process when the HP Wireless Auto Connect screen.

  1. Select Yes, send to your printer settings, click Next.
  2. Follow the screen instructions complete the software installation process/wireless network setup for the printer.

If the Wireless Setup using the USB connection appear :

  • Connect the USB cable, and then click Next.
  • Your printer is connected to the network, and then click The Printer already connected to your wireless network.

Follow the steps above to give you easy, fast Wireless Network Settings to resolve problems with the HP Deskjet 3510. If you still cannot resolve this problem, we recommend you to get more detailed information and screenshots. Please visit the site Hp help/support Hp.

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