MG3500 series Wireless Connection Setup

Friday, January 2nd 2015. | Setup

How to Connect with Wireless Connection

Guide on this allows you to connect to a network printer without the use of wires, with next and continue setup. This is when connecting a printer device such as a smartphone over a network, or when sharing a printer with the device. access or router is required.

Wireless connection

Supplies to and before starting to Setup a wireless connection
Make sure that the printer is turned on. If the power, the power lamp (green) will turn on.

Wireless connection

Make sure that your device is an example of a smartphone or wireless network router connected. For details on how to check the settings, refer to the manual that came with the router or contact the manufacturer. The configuration of router functions, procedures, setup and network device security settings vary depending on Your system environment. For details, see the manual of Your network device or contact the manufacturer. Check whether your device supports IEEE 802 .11n/2.4 GHz), or IEEE 802.11 g IEEE 802 .11b. If your device is set to the mode “IEEE 802 .11n”, WEP or TKIP is used as security protocol.

Changing security protocols for your device to something other than WEP and TKIP or change the settings to something other than IEEE 802 .11n. For Office use, contact your network administrator, by taking care of added when connecting to networks that are not protected with security measures, since there is a risk of revealing data such as your personal information to third parties. Ad-hoc connection that establishes a direct connection to a computer via a wireless connection without an access point, and if it’s not supported, be sure to prepare an access point.

Check the most appropriate connection

Connection using WPS

  1. Create and verify that buttons on the access point is ready to be pressed
  2. Click hold down the Wi-Fi on the printer until the results of the color orange, flashes of lights and alarms once, then release button Wi-Fi after flashing
  3. Make sure that the flashing light blue Wi-Fi, fast and green power light lit, then press and hold the button on the access point in about 2 minutes
  4. Convinced that the Wi-Fi light is blue and the green power light turns on

If an orange Alarm light is lit, refer to “Troubleshooting” to Setup the network connection has been completed.

Connection using the WPS (PIN code)

  1. Hold down the Stop button on the printer until the orange light flashes, and the Alarm about 15 times, then release the Stop button after the fifteenth day flash wireless connection settings information including PIN code will be printed
  2. Then enter the WPS PIN code described in the network configuration page printed to the screen settings on the device (smartphone). Follow the instructions on the screen to continue the device setup
  3. Hold down the stop button on the printer until the “orange” Alarm light blinks 16 times, then release the Stop button the flash after the sixth
  4. Make sure that the Wi-Fi light blue color on the printer is lit

Check the settings of the access point, and then configure the settings WPS (PIN code) again. This error also appears when setup the wireless connection is not completed within about 10 minutes after the release the Stop button.

Network devices routers, etc. is activated if the network device is already enabled, disable it, and then turn it back on.

Cableless connection through setup

  1. Press the Wi-Fi on the printer until the Alarm lamp “orange” blink approximately 2 times, and then release the button after the second Wi-Fi flash
  2. Make sure that the Wi-Fi light flashing a “blue” and “green” power lights on
  3. go back to screen the application and continue with setup
  4. Cableless setup may take some time, for internet connection could be temporarily unavailable during Setup.
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