Installing Printer software in Windows on Wireless Network

Friday, June 12th 2015. | Setup

HP LaserJet Pro 300/400 color M351/M451 Printer series

Setup : Installing Printer software in Windows on Wireless Network

This page provides referrals for you who need a guide or how to go about Installing the Printer and software in Windows on a Wireless Network You support on HP LaserJet Pro 300-400 color M351-M451. The HP Universal Print Driver for Windows by design easy for each to manage in some prints on the printer network, which provides the ability to produce quality prints are fun.

Even in posting this page as well as some kind of print drivers available for you who need driver software operating system support & for Windows, Mac OS x. Talking about for Windows users no doubt You memebutuhkan how to printing, follow these steps:

The wireless network connection for the installation (Windows)

  1. Press the Power button, make sure you turn on the printer
  2. Then, the Home screen on the control panel, please touch the wireless button available with product
  3. Press Menu, then Wireless Wireless Setup Wizard
  4. From the results of the scan of wireless networks, and please return to the list of network name (SSID), and then select the SSID for the local network (if available) Please enter your (SSID), then manually enter the SSID for the local network, and if prompted for the type of network security, then you please select the appropriate option-a local wireless network, and then a keypad will open on the display control panel
  • If you are using WPA security network, then type in the security password WPA encryption key available
  • If you are using WEP security network, please type WEP key on the keypad, follow the prosudur here is to continue

6. [OK] temporarily, pending product will establish a network connection, wireless network connection while making the memmerlukan a few minutes

7. Please enter the CD software (printing system into the CD-ROM drive) or you can download the driver software installer yas adjusted from the operating system, it will display the main menu of the program installation with the same language

If the process has not yet begun the installation program after few sec, follow steps :

– Section, select the start menu click Run
– Type the following : drive letter of the CD-ROM)/SETUP. EXE

Click [OK], and then the installer program (when you open the dialog box “User Account Control ” click allow or Yes

8. Software selection screen for installed software details

– Please feel free to update Your installation of the software has recommended including PCL 6 print as the driver and software available, click [Next]

– Then to adjust the installed software, select it & click link to Customize software option, and then Finish-button [Next]

9. Then you prepare for install and screen displays, once installer is finished, click [Next] (if prompted to select a connection type, then please select the Connect through your wireless network)

10. The process of automatically to find my product on the network option, and if the installer does not find a product, please enter IP address of the product, with the host name/address hardware manually, click [Next]

11. Then the process screen will be displayed on a Network product that has been found. Select a product from the list, click [Next]

12. When the process is finished, the nstalasi will display Your product configuration screen. Select whether default should be printer products and whether to print test page. Click Next button

13. Psstikan You to turn on the HP Web Services screen, then click the Next button, then the Cancel button, and from HP Web services is not required for software installation

14. Completion screen, in this screen, the installation wizards available to configure additional product features. Configure additional product features now or later

15. Click the Finish button to complete the installation process of the products

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