How to use Duplex aser Printers/ Printing in Mac OS X

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  • How to use Duplex Printing in Mac OS X

Only models that have been designed in duplex printing can print automatically on to the 2-sides of a sheet of paper, and for models with automatic duplex printing, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose print from the File menu
  2. Check that the 2-sided box and click View details for more customizing options
  3. Make sure that your printer is selected
  4. Select layout from the drop-down list under orientation
  5. Select a binding orientation from the 2-sided Printing options
  6. Click Print after selecting your options


The length of the edge is intended for book binding where the Edge is short for media like time

If the printer duplex printer but can’t print dialog shows when pulled, make sure the features are checked in the System Preferences says printer says scanner options, choice supplies & shown as below:

For models that do not have automatic duplex Printing

  1. choose print from the File menu
  2. Click Show details
  3. Make sure the printer You’ve selected
  4. Choose paper handling from the dropdown under orientation
  5. In addition to the print page, click the dropdown and select even just
  6. Addition to the Page Order, click the dropdown and select Reverse
  7. click Print to start printing the first side of a page


If the number of odd page, add an empty sheet so that the final odd page has a print on a sheet

8. Printed Pages back in the paper tray face down. Every cusp page to the printer and make sure the edges of the square yard with one another

9. select print from the file menu again and shows more details
10. in the paper handling menu, select only the strange and Normal as an option
11. click Print to finish

For information on shows more details please visit Help ML-2851ND

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