How To Uninstall Or Remove A Printer In Windows 8

Saturday, January 3rd 2015. | Setup

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For those of you needing drivers print supported software & download for Windows 8, Windows 7, 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista (32/64 bit) and download drivers for the Linux drivers (MULTI language) Please visit ML1740 Laser Printer Driver Download. If the printer status is not correct or the printer does not print anything from your computer, and try uninstalling the printer completely in Windows and then reinstall. To fully uninstall the printer, you have to uninstall the printer and the printer driver, as shown below, to uninstall a printer in Windows 8.

  • Follow these steps to uninstall the printer and the printer driver :

1. Press the Windows key and X on the keyboard at the same time

2. Click Control Panel

3. Click on View devices and printers

4. Select the printer to be deleted, and then click Remove device in the upper part of the window

5. Message indicates the printer to confirm the deletion. Click Yes to remove from the devices and printers

6. After removing the printer, the printer driver needs to be removed as well. Click windows and the X button on the keyboard.

7. Select programs and features

8. in the program, select the model of the printer driver and click Uninstall

9. Message will display to confirm uninstalling the drivers. Click [Yes] and the installation wizard will open

10. in the installation wizard, select all the components in the list and click Next.

11. complete printer driver uninstallation. Click Finish to close the wizard.

After uninstalling the printer, the printer will not be displayed in the list of printers and devices. For the latest driver for your printer. For more detailed information and screenshots, please visit the need more help ?

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