How to Share your Brother machine in a Windows 8 (Shared printer)

Tuesday, January 13th 2015. | Setup

Wireless Network Settings

How information about the settings on your wireless network. The information we obtain from the product service believe you about the environment a network share. This page offers you in a shared network environment as well as to use the print and scan functions, from the server to your PC, but print only from the client PC, only if the Brother machine you have scan function.

Follow the instructions to share your Brother machine

  • Setting Server PC

Step 1

  1. Install the printer driver (Brother Printer HL-2270dW Wireless Laser Printer Driver Download.)
  2. Open the Printer Properties
  3. Open the sharing tab and checking printer sharing
  4. Click [OK]

Step 2

  • Setting up the client PC
  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Click Network and Internet
  3. Click Network and sharing Center (sharing)
  4. Click Change advanced sharing settings
  5. Check turn on network discovery and file and printer sharing in turn, then click [Save] to change
  6. Open the Control Panel
  7. Click Hardware and sound -> devices and printers
  8. Click Add printer
  9. Select the Brother Printer and click Next
  10. If a warning message appears, and then click Install driver
  11. Click Next
  12. Click Finish

If you do not find the Brother Printer when the process is finished, maybe it turns out that there are some problems in network connections. Should we suggest you to be able to run the command [Ping] at the Command Prompt.

  • The initial display, click the DownArrow. If DownArrowis not in the initial display, then right-click somewhere in the empty spot, then click, all the applications from the bar
  • Click Command Prompt

If you confirm that there are no problems in the network connection, please mencobalah the following:

  1. Click the printer that I want isn’t listed
  2. Select the printer along with the name and enter-> [name server PC/printer Server name]
  3. Click Next
  4. If a warning message appears, then click Install driver
  5. Click Next
  6. Click Finish to complete the process

This shared network is the illustration shown below from a product representative and may differ from your Printer from Brother. In a network environment sharing, each client PC, it will send the data through a central controlled computer/Server PC.

If Your Brother Printer is compatible with wireless or wired Ethernet network, these products suggest printing method of Peer-to-Peer as shown below, as in Peer-to-Peer, and easier to configure than the network printing methods of sharing. PC client you can print to a printer at any time and don’t have to worry when the server PC is enabled or not. Use the print and scan functions Brother printers. Functions available on the connection Peer-to-Peer devices vary depending on your printer. For details, you can check the specifications of the machine.

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