How to Setup HP 6988 Wireless Connection

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Setup Wireless Connection HP 6988 Printers

Wireless Connection & Networking

How to Setup HP 6988 Wireless Connection

HP 6988 Printers Wireless Connection & Networking

HP Deskjet 6988 printer device is intentionally designed print fast, easy a diagnose to relieve piles problem or task which printing, scanning and connectivity and HP print and scan, and that you will definitely download and install print and scan the doctor when in desire. This page offers You easy explanations set the printer to a wireless network operating systems support Windows XP, Vista, do you use the HP Printer Deskjet 6980 Printer Series and to install in a wireless network using an access point, router or through HP recommends the type of network infrastructure for wireless connection. We recommend that before you install, make sure the wireless network must be set.

Link download to tool

Available only for Windows operating system, and is not available for users of Mac OS operating system.

  1. Click the link below to download the HP Print and Scan Doctor

Name : HP Print and Scan Doctor
Size : 3.5 MB → Download

2. Make sure your PC meets the system requirements, and then click Download
3. If you open the security warning dialog box, and then select one of the following methods to download utilities

Step 1
Run the utility

  • On the security warning dialog box, click Run
  • If the Download complete dialog box opens, click Run, and then click run again at the security warning dialog box

Step 2
Save the utility

  • On the security warning dialog box, click Save
  • If open the window save as, browse to the Desktop and then click Save
  • If the download process is complete, browse to where you saved the file, and then click the files to run utilities

4. Print and scan for open, then search for the printer is installed, and then displays a list of
5. Click your product in the list that is displayed, and then click Next

Step 1
Prepare for installation

Icon HP print and Scan shows the doctor which area tools that can help you to prepare for the process of installing the software.

1. Make sure that the following requirements before you start:

  • Network name: the name of the SSID/Network Service Set Identifier
  • Key WEP/WPA security passphrase
  • The computer is connected to a wireless network
  • Access to the internet. HP recommends broadband Internet access such as DSL/cable
  • HP wireless-enabled and make sure the place is close to the PC during the installation process
  • The rights administrator/password (Vista)
  • A category 5 Ethernet cable – used only during the installation process

do not use a standard phone cable

2. make sure the product, access point and your computer, the computer connected to the wireless network
3. Please exit all running applications
4. If you previously installed the software for the USB connection or want to change the wireless network connection, you can follow the instructions here to like where do I uninstall USB.

1. Please go to the folder your printer

Windows 7: Click the Windows icon, and then click devices and printers
Windows Vista: Click the Windows icon, click Control Panel, and then click Printers
Windows XP: click Start, then click Printers and faxes

2. Right-click the icon for the HP products, and click Delete to remove it.

Step 2
Connect to wireless network

Use a CAT-5 Ethernet cable to connect the product to the network and installing the software, and if after the installation is complete, or asked to remove the wires to the switch to a wireless connection. Please follow the steps below to connect the product to the network.

  1. Please connect the Ethernet Port of the Ethernet cable the back of the product
  2. Connect the cable CAT-5 Ethernet port available on wireless access points
  3. Take a few seconds until the network lights on the lid of the product changed to blue (this indicates that there is an active network connection, and if the wireless status light does not turn on, then back off the product, and so on

Step 3

The following information is to help you to decide which installation method to use:

Install the software with the printer CD
Download and install the software from our site (printerdriverdownload/hp)

Even you can also setup wireless connection with HP 6988 series

Ensure that you disconnect Ethernet cable or to enable the wireless radio, even after unplugging all cables, when before you start the software, please reset your printer:

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on
  2. Press and hold down the report page
  3. While holding the button report page, press the Cancel 3x
  4. Release the button report page.

For those of you user HP 6988 printer series, for information or sreenshot clearer and information we get, you can also visit your trusted site HP Help.

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