How to Refill Printer Ink Cartridges For HP

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How to Refill Printer Ink Cartridges For HP

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Refill The Ink In My HP Ink Cartridge – With the performance of HP ink cartridges and print the result of the original HP inkjet print cartridge ink refill goes far beyond the print quality and can count on, who is in the world’s leading quality assurance, even almost one of every six filled ink cartridges tested were dead on arrival or failed prematurely or have some form of cartridge reliability problems when you recharge and reuse Printer Cartridge. More ink and paper can make a difference results after printing. Use original HP ink cartridges for printing such as real, and it’s free. This allows you to be able to save you wasted time and cost.

This page gives you an explanation how to refill or reuse the cartridge printer, when printing a few and then all of a sudden the print cartridge ran out of ink.

  1. Collect your kit, paper towel rolls, and some clear scotch tape on a large flat work surface
  2. Remove the empty cartridge from printer
  3. Use the sepesang glove to cover your hand
  4. Verify that the paper towel is always ready to catch any leaking ink
  5. Place the empty cartridge on it
  6. Read the instructions that came with a refill kit to learn about like where do I refill a particular type of cartridge
  7. Please search the contents of a hole in the top of the cartridge, depression can be felt by rubbing your finger on the label. Some cartridges have more than one hole, but only one led to a reservoir of ink you will recharge it, perhaps it has a sponge in it
  8. Use a sharp pencil or needle to Pierce a hole in the top of the refill ink cartridges or you can take the top off label
  9. Follow the instructions of the kit on a hole where to put each color OR push the toothpick into the hole to identify the color cartridge on the printer as a sign that sometimes there to trick you to put the wrong color to ink cartridge chambers (Black, there are three colors of ink : Cyan, Yellow and Magenta)
  10. Please enter using an ink bottle refill long needle deep into the correct holes penetrate the foam down to the bottom of the cartridge
  11. Slowly to add ink
  12. Quick Stops as soon as you see a little bit of ink flowing out of the hole. Without having to let go of the bottle, and slowly release the air, sucking a little ink to retreat from the ink cartridges before you remove the needle fully
  13. Carefully enlarge the cartridge contacts on the paper towel, be sure look at a splotch of ink to leak out onto the paper towel
  14. Close the hole with a small piece of clear scotch tape
  15. Make sure that the ink leaking from the hole up, and be careful not to cross contaminate the colors
  16. After you have refilled all three colors, be careful not to remove the blot or rubbing. This needs to be done to stop the former liquids and see the line even three colors appeared in a towel
  17. Do the drying, if the stain indicates the color to fade or not at all to get the ink flowing
  18. Replace the ink cartridges to your printer. never install the print cartridge leaking
  19. Please immediately print file (print some test pages), just to get the ink flowing
  20. Follow cleaning or priming cycle for specific printers


Should be careful not to touch the metal parts at the edge of the bottom and front of the cartridge, if need be, you can use a cotton swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol “scrubbed” to gently cleanse the contact. This may need to print some test pages to get the ink to flow properly.

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