How to Print Using Android Tablets

Thursday, March 3rd 2016. | Setup
  • Printing from your phone or tablet
How to Print Using Android Tablets

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Page printerdriverseries helps you easily-printing from Android phone/tablet, allowing you to print directly and scan the picture almost everywhere (the access point). Enjoy printing only by using the App to allow accessing Dropbox and from multiple files in want, as well as through from your social network that includes such as Facebook and Google’s Drive to print several stacks of task files from within the App available. Google Cloud Print App for your tablet is also available from Google Play store. For those of you users of Android Tablet is printing from the Google Cloud Print. It is suggested you to service a free App to improve Internet-ready printer is compatible to your Google account in order to give access rights to print virtually from anywhere connected network (access point).

Google Cloud Print-Android/Tablet

Before you work for print using android table, we recommend that you first prepare some of these tasks and prepare while-App that supports Your Android Tablet. Even the official website is also available on Google Cloud Print app for Android.

  1. Make sure that you download, then install the Cloud Print on Your Android tablet
  2. Please feel free to set up your Google account or you have already registered on Google Cloud Print
  3. Click/tap on an icon of a printer, select the desired file to print
  4. On the next screen, then it will display that your account is already registered in the Google Cloud Print
  5. Choose Select one printer (printer destination)
  6. Then printing page is displayed (preview)
  7. Make sure that you can adjust the orientation of your document
  8. If you have ensure all tasks of your choice, please click/touch paper airplane icon at the top to the process of sending data to the Google Cloud Print/print documents

You should perikasa Your Android Tablet device and ensure that the availability to perform some tasks ready to print from your device.

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