How to print (Print) From iPad on Wireless Printer

Thursday, January 1st 2015. | Setup

HP Jet P1102W Laser which is already compatible with AirPrint. Iformasi on HP LASER JET from his website, printer wireless HP production after long ago already compatible with AirPrint.

How to print (Print) From iPad on Wireless Printer

Print from iPad to wireless printers here can only provide a few solutions for you as a user of the Ipad to print from an iPad to a wireless printer, the House already exists, Access Point and the printer that is also already had wireless features. It can even help you get how to do the settings for connecting the iPad to a printer wireless, easy to do. Apple already embed feature called AirPrint to begin the Operating system in OS X Lion, iOS 4.2.1. Should your printer is compatible with AirPrint, then the process is very easy easy. something very in need before doing the steps to work, you order the iPad can print to a printer via WiFi wireless is the second such device must be within a single segment. Very easy to do with DHCP features enabled on the Access Point (hotspot) is used. DHCP that every device that is connected to the Access Point will get an IP Address that is specified in the specified range and certainly one segment, for example – (some IP prepared by Access Point to device2 can connect).

After making sure both IP device is one segment, and then to open the browser on the iPad, and from tap (click) the Share icon in the top left, and then select Print. Sometimes there is a choice of Select Printer. After tap (click), there is a process of searching, turns out HP printer printer Laser Jet P1102W last not found, after a few moments of looking around for information, we found a solution by means of upgrading the firmware of the printer with the latest version, and to download the HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer Drivers.

After the download is complete, perform a standard installation process (Next – Next – Next up to Finish). Try to repeat the above steps again Share Print. When the search process is running back, with the printer please-please anxious and generate printer HP Laser Jet P1102W successfully found, click the printer, click the Print button, also in a few seconds later came the printer process prints which marks the process of printing from iPad to wireless printer is already successful.

This you will need a Wi-Fi-enabled computer, wireless router, just connect to the network, either the same or different network in terms of technology such as the use of network topology connecting bus, Star, and ring, and a wireless printer that provides support, device must be connected to the same wireless network connection.

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