How to Print From Smartphone (Mobile Printing)

Friday, September 4th 2015. | CANON, Setup
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This page gives you to easy for users of Canon Pixma mobile printing. Print documents directly from Your smartphone or Tablet. offer you to can enjoy the most comfortable and increase productivity or convert large size photo when you need hard copy files for business, thanks to new applications, online services and gadgets now make it easier, simpler to print file or document. Follow rare here are timeless, where how to set up wireless printing for your Tablet or Smartphone.

Canon Mobile Printing Apps

Using mobile devices as their primary PC, now provide free downloadable apps to enable mobile printing kompotibel. Gives you easy, quick to print out important documents or photos are on the way. Here are available for many popular operating system and a compatible printer.

Cloud-computing solutions

Improvement of mobile printing allows cloud services like Google Cloud Print or using this technology is compatible with any printer that You require internet access point, use the application Cloud Print-compatible device to print from IOS/Android. This free service offers several users share a printer that is connected. Even give You to be able to enjoy some of the popular programs capable of printing directly onto the internet like digital document version synchronization/creating a hard copy file:

FingerPrint 2

Print via email

Print via the main printers such as the HP Printer/device using Epson offers you the ability to print a long distance or send a file to the email address on the want with printers, astikan, e, You needed to manually meriksa you or the manufacturer’s website. Here is the help you about this service configuration on the select a device that is connected to a network the internet.

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