How to Install HP Printer in Mac OSX Lion

Tuesday, January 6th 2015. | Setup
How to Install HP Printer in Mac OSX Lion

Setting Up & Install HP Printer in Mac

Installing HP Printer in Mac OSX Lion, when the update of the iBook Mac OS X Tiger OS X Leopard, and we found out that that couldn’t be informas print on my old HP printer. When I got a Macbook Air running Mac OS X Lion, even with the same problem, which is that I can’t get my HP printer to run. No need to install or download the printer driver only when the first iBook running Mac OS X Tiger, this is just my printer is plugged in and it’s ready to use.

Install the HP printer driver for Mac OSX Lion

Step 1

  1. Turn on Your HP printer
  2. Connect the printer to the USB
  3. Add something to print queue for the printer HP
  4. Click software update Apple says, the waiting process for Mac OSX while checking out the new software for Your HP printer
  5. When the Software Update window opens, look for the appropriate update for Your HP printer, then select it and click the install button
  6. If prompted, enter your account name and password of “Administration
  7. When the software update is complete, you may be prompted to restart Your computer

Add Your HP printer

Step 2

1. launch the System Preferences
2. Click Print, then Scan &
3. Click the plus sign to the bottom of the left panel (Your HP printer Name should appear)
4. Select Your HP printer and click the Add button (you should choose the type of USB connection to USB-connected printers)
5. Click Install
6. If the software license agreement window, click accept to install the software
7. When the installation process is complete, make sure to see if Your HP printer displays in the printer queue

Review the instructions adapted from the HP site for Mac OS X Lion update printer drivers, you can use when it successfully means you’re done doing

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