How to Fix Printer Problem Using HP Diagnostic Untility Tools For Windows

Thursday, January 15th 2015. | Setup

Find & Fix Common Printer Problems Using HP Diagnostic Tools for Windows

For those of you going on mistakes and Using HP Diagnostic Finding and fixing common issues with printers using HP diagnostic tool for Windows. HP has developed to help you get the following free utilities diagnostic tool that helps solve common printer problems. This diagnostic tools are only available for the Windows operating system, is not available for Mac OS X.

HP print & Scan Doctor

Quickly resolve many printing and scanning errors, such as on the issue of network connections and driver issues. Depending on your printer, solve the jam and the carriage stalls, check ink levels, and troubleshoots Your print quality issues. Available for Windows XP and later.

HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows

HP print & scan designed by doctors on HP to provide the user with troubleshooting and troubleshoot the features needed to overcome many of the common problems experienced with HP print and scan the product that connect to Windows-based computers.

HP print and scan for the next generation of physicians, diagnostic tool, completely replacing the previous generation of diagnostic tools for third:

  • HP Print Diagnostic Utility
  • HP Network Diagnostic Utility
  • HP Scan Diagnostic Utility
  • HP Hardware Diagnostic Utility

All-previous troubleshooting functions available in the HP Print, Scan, network, and Hardware diagnostics utilities have been integrated together into one for easier to use utilities, and simply run the tool and follow the screen instructions.

Fix increased

An updated version of HP print and scan the doctor adds support for Windows 8.1, and enhanced troubleshooting help for the selected issues.

HP print and scan the doctor does not support in Windows operating system for tablet-based RT ARM processor or computer. No installation required additional printing software. HP recommends that users utilize the print capabilities included in Windows RT.

HP print and scan doctor completely replaces the HP Print Diagnostic Utility, HP Network Diagnostic Utility, and the HP Scan Diagnostic Utility by Packaging all the functionality previously available in the utility into one easy-to-use diagnostics and troubleshooting tool.

How to install

HP print and scan the doctor does not require installation, and to use HP print and scan doctor, just download the file and run it. The following steps only to Ikutu process installation HP print and doctor

  1. Click the Download button, and [Save] the file to your computer
  2. Navigate to the location where you saved the file on your computer
  3. Double click the file HPPSdr. exe to open and run the tool
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions for using the HP print and scan doctor

HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows


HP print and scan doctor, this page aims to help you get free utilities (Tools) that helps quickly and complete Your printing problems such as scanning and connectivity are common. HP recommends that you run the tool whenever you need to solve this problem.

Important :
HP print and scan this doctor is available only for Windows operating system.

Check Out Print and Scan Doctor

Print and scan the doctors diagnose and help you resolve problems printing, scanning and connectivity including the following:


  • USB
  • Network

Device Status Test
Driver Check
Device Manager
Device Online
Print Queue
Port Match
Device Conflicts
Ink Issues
Print Settings
Test Print
Scan Tests

In fact you can also click the Printer menu to find extra features such as cleaning the printheads, aligning the printheads, checking the level of ink, and look at the advanced printer data for the selected printer.

Step 1
Download the Print and Scan Doctor

HP print and scan the doctors work so important, HP printer and is available in most languages, and it works only for Windows operating system.

  1. First you go to download the HP print and scan doctor page
  2. Click Download, and then follow the on-screen instructions to save the software to your computer
  3. Open the folder where the computer saves files software
  4. Double-click the file (already downloaded), and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation

Step 2
Run the Print and Scan Doctor

  1. Make sure you have ensured start products
  2. From the product column in the print and scan, select Your HP products.(If your product is not listed, turn it off and back on, and then click try again)
  3. Click Next, then it will check the connection to your product

Depending on your problem, click Fix Printing or scanning to start fixing diagnose the cause of the problem.

Step 3
Addressing the problem of diagnosis you can check out to complete the diagnosed problem.

  • Review the functions of the additional hardware
  • Solve printing problems diagnosed
  • Troubleshoot scanning diagnosed

For you to complete the diagnosed problem, and more clearly. Check the specifications of your device and the version before downloading and installing this software do, because in the event of a fault or your system is not working how to properly. It’s outside of our responsibility. And this software is our trusted publisher input from your device. HP Consumer Support

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