How to Connect Printer to Wifi

Monday, March 30th 2015. | Setup

PIXMA MG2920 Wi-Fi Setup
Windows OS

Installing Multifunction to Your Network

How to Connect Printer to Wifi

Installing Multifunction to Your Network

On this page, help you get to complete the setup of the printer and your network. For users of the PIXMA MG series, do to be able to successfully install the versatility of your network for the first time. You can check Your network requirements, when connecting the engine to the network before, you can be sure that the configuration of the computer, the access point/router is equipped with a device, the computer connected to the network. And wireless connection. Make sure that Your computer configuration (access point/router).

The software installation

For those of you using the machine by connecting it to your computer, then software first needs to be copied or have installed on your computer hard disk.


  • Log on as the administrator/administrator group members
  • Close all running applications before installation begins
  • Do not switch the user during the installation process
  • Connection may be required during the process installation
  • Required to restart computer during the process installation
  • Follow the on-screen instructions of the process, do not release the Setup CD-ROM during the installation and restart, resume after restart computer has
  • If the function of the security software firewall is turned on, then a warning message will appear that the Canon software is attempting to access your network. And when the message appears warning!!!, you can set the security software to always allow access

PIXMA MG2920 series set up your wireless network, make sure you first install the software to your computer. Then insert the Setup CD-ROM into your computer.

The process of setup program will start automatically. And setup instructions in this document describes methods [Cableless Setup] which requires no need to know the SSID (network name) of the network and password/frasa does not need a printer for a while connected to a computer with a USB cable. Cableless Setup. This may not be supported in Windows XP-Windows XP Users, using the method of [Wireless Setup using the USB cable] each temporary USB cable connected between the printer and your computer during the setup process.

Even you can also do, when you don’t have the Setup CD-ROM, please follow these steps, start the setup process.

  • Please download the software (click here to download)
  • Then, double-click the download .exe file

If a new window or User Account Control dialog box appears during setup, please click “Yes” or “Continue”

  1. Click Next on the initial screen
  2. Select the wireless LAN connection, click Next
  3. Select an access point of connection, click Next
  4. Follow the screen instructions
  5. Select the “on screen” Cableless setup Setup selection procedure (2-1), when you install the .NET Framework screen appears, and then click “Yes”
  6. Connection via Cableless settings screen.(3-1). Click Next
  7. Connection via Cableless settings screen.(3-2). Click Next
  8. Click Next on the screen connection finished
  9. Follow the onscreen instructions, and then in the list of software installation, select the software to install and click Next

MP drivers necessary, and cannot be cancelled, we recommend that you install my pictures Menu and quick to take full advantage of the printer features.

10. Then continue to follow the on-screen instructions, (when the Setup complete dialog box appears, click the “done”)

By following the rest of the screen instructions to complete the process and then exit the setup program. In this case, how to setup the printer and your network. Easy reviews that we provide for you who need to do Wi-Fi Setup.

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