How To Connect Printer To Network

Sunday, March 29th 2015. | Setup

How To Connect Printer To Network
How To Connect Printer To Network

Make prints via wireless is not strange if you work in a company and it is also possible for those who work in the office is also home. To do this there must be a local area network (LAN) or a wireless area network (WLAN) in the place you are. Of the many companies that do business and even many homeowners prefer to use a shared printer as a way of reducing operating costs or offer efficiency. For those of you who want to connect the printer to the network, please refer to the steps below for easy guide on how to search for and connect to a printer on a wireless area network (WLAN).

7 easy steps printer settings

  1. First find a shared network in the working area or the nearest office you are to a network printer connection. If the printer is not shared, then you will have to share in advance.
  2. For the shared printer sharing, follow the easy steps below.
  • Click ‘Start’ on the taskbar menu and then click ‘Devices and Printers’ from the popup menu available.
  • In the new window that will appear, select the printer you want to share and right click on it. In the popup menu select ‘Printer Properties’.
  • Then in the dialog box that will appear click on the tab ‘Sharing’. Then put a check mark in the “Share this printer”, and don’t forget to put ‘sharee name’. please remember, This will be very important because it will allow you to be able to quickly find the printer on the network later.
  • Then click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’ to apply the printer sharing settings.

3.¬†Click ‘Start’ from the popup menu on the taskbar and click ‘Computer’. Printer settings should already be found on the bottom of the ‘System Task’ if you do not find it, click on ‘Start’ on the taskbar menu and click ‘Devices and Printers’ option in the popup menu that will appear in it.

4. In the Devices and Printers click on the Add a printer. This will enable and allow you to add your nearest printer on a wireless network.

5. After clicking the Add a printer. a new page will appear, and you will be provided with two options, namely the Local printer attached to this computer and a network printer or a printer that is attached to another computer. Chose the latter and click ‘Next’. On the new page that will appear, you will be prompted to specify the printer to connect. Select the option ‘Browse printers’ and click ‘Next’. This process will find the nearest printer around you. Typically this process will take some time to perfect, so please wait.

6. After completing the search process, all printers that have been attached to the network will be listed. then click the name of the printer that you wrote down previously and then press NEXT.

7. After completing the installation procedure above, you will be prompted to print a test page. This is a test to ensure that your connection is okay or has been perfect.

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