Canon PIXMA MG5600 Wireless Connection Setup

Monday, February 9th 2015. | Setup

Canon PIXMA MG5600 Setup
Connection via Standard Setup

This brings you to to do the step how to Canon PIXMA MG5600 Wireless Setup Connection Setup, so you can do the performance by following the tutorial, while the information we get from the real results from your trusted products.

Wireless Connection

Before starting the Setup of your wireless connection first mengikuti the following steps.

  1. Make sure that your Printer is turned on and the power light will turn on, the power
  2. Press the HOME button on the printer is available
  3. Use the up/down button to display the WLAN
  4. Tap the function button
  5. Select Wireless LAN setup, then press the [OK]
    The Wi-Fi light flashes when the wireless connection is enabled
  6. The Printer will automatically search for an access point
    Then select the method that suits the screen displayed on the printer

The finish Push Button method screen will be displayed on your printer and if you are not sure or Your access point supports this technology, then just select/press the Stop button.

Connection via standard setupĀ 

This would do for a standard Connection setup tutorials while you do the following steps

  1. Select the standard setting on the printer
  2. Press the [OK]
  3. Make sure Your access point, then press the [OK], if another screen appears, go to the “Troubleshooting”

If successfully connected to Your access point “appears on the printer, then the process does not require a network security password

5. Press the [OK], and then

6. Enter the password for the network security (WEP key or passphrase)
Be sure to “confirm” the character entries are case-sensitive

7. Press the function button on the printer

8. Make sure that your network password is correct

9. Press the Printer function

10. If the screen appears, then press the [OK]
If other screens appear, refer to “Troubleshooting”

The tutorial reviews how to PIXMA Wireless Setup MG5600 Connection Setup, we have tried to assist you on your success in doing so. For you to Help Wireless Connection Setup clear screenshots and more details, please visit more information Help MG5600 series.

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