HP LaserJet – Hp Color Laserjet cp2025 Network Printer Will Not Print

Tuesday, May 19th 2015. | HP, Setup

Hp Color Laserjet cp2025

Network Printer Will Not Print

HP Color LaserJet CP2025 Printer series, the fast and easy share printer only using the built-in network cable, so you print eye-catching colour, sharp text quality is amazing using original HP ColorSphere toner. How to troubleshoot a Network Printer will not print?, this page allows you to be able to fix the problem on the network will not print, by following prosudur/steps. If this problem occurs, this may not apply to printer HP LaserJet Enterprise.

Users of the following symptoms :

  • Printing stuck in queue
  • Business job/print not print
  • Did not respond to a print job
HP LaserJet - Hp Color Laserjet cp2025 Network Printer Will Not Print

HP LaserJet Network Printer Will Not Print

Solutions Network Printer Will Not Print

Step one :

Be sure to check the connectivity of the printer

  1. Please Reset your printer to the factory default

a. Home screen on the printer’s control panel, and then open the Setup menu

  • On a touch screen control panel, touch the Setup button
  • Standard control panel, please press the arrow keys left/right

b. Select the service and choose restore to default

c. Pending until printer returns to ready (control panel, will display the printer initialization is completed or after, then all lights illuminate solid)

2. Make sure you use a high-quality network cables, network cables are securely connected to the printer and to the network

a. Unplug the cable and ensure that it does not release unless the clip is depressed

b. If the cable connector is broken, then make sure the cable is fully inserted/please replace the cable

c. Convinced that the cables made for use with the jack connector and the internet can fill in to the network, when this little connector cable for the internet jack, perhaps to a phone jack

3. Make sure the computer is connected to the network

a. Move the internet cable from your computer to another port on the modem and make sure your internet is connected, if it is not there is a connection to the internet, please do a modem or LAN connection

b. Connect the internet cable from the printer to the known good port, only verified on the computer

4. Remove the switch, Extender/hub, and connect the Ethernet, directly from the wall or a modem

If network connection on the printer blinks orange and red lights, then please continue on to step two to check connectivity in embedded Web Server (EWS). And when the network connection in the printer is broken in any situation, you can repeat steps 2 – 3 above is available. If this continues, please contact your system administrator/local network provider.

Step 2 :

Check the connectivity in Embedded Web Server (EWS)

Make sure that the lamp is flashing red and orange on the network connector on the printer, while You check the connectivity in Embedded Web Server (EWS).

  1. Convinced that the printer is ready (if not, complete the error state first)
  2. Please try to print the configuration page to obtain an IP address

a. Home screen on the printer control panel -> Setup menu

  • On a touch-screen control panel -> Setup button
  • Standard control panel, please press the arrow keys left/right

b. Select Reports

> Configuration Report
and select Print Config

c. Make sure you find the IP address on a report

3. Please open Your Web browser, in the address field, type IP address of the printer exactly as it appears in the configuration page and press Enter.

4. Computer will find the printer embedded Web Server opens

5. Open EWS, and when EWS does not open, you can follow these steps:

a. Convinced that typing the IP address of the printer properly

b. Make sure [www.] does not precede the IP address in the address field

c. Convinced that your computer is connected to the internet by visiting different websites

6. Print a configuration page from the EWS Home tab. On the left pane, click reports, and then on the side click Print report configuration

If there is a configuration report prints, then this problem is plagued with printer drivers on your computer. You can also move on to the third step: to Uninstall the printer software, or remove the available printers. If it is still in a State report does not print configuration, Restart the printer and try again.

Step 3 :

Uninstall the printer software, or remove a printer

Uninstall the printer from HP folder, by using these steps, if you have a HP printer folder which is available from Start menu. And if not, you can skip to the second method (Uninstall from devices and printers).

  1. Open the Start menu, all programs says HP printers and Select Uninstall the software product
  2. Reboot your computer
  3. Download software & the latest install from trusted sites are www.hp.com/printerdriverseries.com

Uninstall from devices and printers

If you do not have a folder or HP printer using the Add printer wizard to install the printer first.

  1. Start menu, open the devices and printers, then right-click the icon of the printer, and choose to Delete the device in the desired
  2. Click Add a printer, select Add a local printer
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions for the process of refilling printer on your computer
  4. Please do to print test page. And if the test page prints, the printer is connected to a wired network

After following every step of How to troubleshoot a Network Printer will not print, make sure you check back on the printer for network connection flashing red light orange, and when & it is still no lights seen, do continue to troubleshooting.

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